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Innovation activity

Innovation program section
Alexey G. Kirillov, head of the section

tel. 7(831) 416-49-76 (Alexey G.Kirillov),
7(831) 416-49-39 (Olga V.Babina)

The main objectives of the Section include

  • patent studies and patent search
  • legal security of IAP RAS solutions
  • creating conditions for bringing the IAP RAS solutions to the level of acting prototypes and industrial samples (participation in contests, creation of start-up companies,
  • seeking investors, etc.
  • seeking grant organizations to obtain support for the innovative project development
  • seeking production sites for joint innovative items
  • advertising and information activities through the Internet resources, printed and medium information, participation in topical exhibitions and conferences
  • teaching the institute employees the basics of innovation, principles, organization of lectures delivered by invited specialists, etc.

The Section consists of the information, innovation, and patent groups.

The IAP RAS implements major innovative projects. For example, the projects "Development of the optical tomography technologies and a pilot batch of devices for diagnostics of biological tissues" and "Development of plasma-chemical synthesis technologies for nano- and polycrystalline diamond films and large-area plates" have been fulfilled under the contracts with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Part of the developments have gone through a full cycle of commercialization and are at the stage of small-scale production. Under the contract with "Rosatom", the IAP RAS — GYCOM consortium has developed and put into production gyrotrons for ITER. The IAP RAS — G. I. Petrovsky Plant consortium has developed and prepared for production hydroacoustic antennas for marine engineering under the contract with the Central Design Bureau "Rubin". The volume of financing of each project from the state budget and extrabudgetary sources averaged over two hundred million roubles.
The IAP RAS developments are presented at national and international exhibitions and are awarded special diplomas and medals. The Institute takes part in the annual regional contests of objects of intellectual property "The patent of the year — I. P. Kulibin prize". In 2010 and 2011, the IAP RAS patents were acknowledged the best patents of the year in the Nizhny Novgorod region and won the Governor's prize. Currently, the IAP RAS keeps in force about 30 RF patents for invention, 5 certificates for computer programs, 2 know-how trade secrets, and also keeps 6 foreign patents for invention registered in China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and the USA.