Prizes and medals

Lenin Prize


Effects of wave beams self-focusing- discovery and research



State Prizes


Submillimeter spectroscopy based on backward-wave oscillators


A.F.Krupnov and L.I.Gershtein


High-power millimeter-wavelength gyrotrons and gyrotron complexes for thermonuclear studies


A.V.Gaponov-Grekhov, V.A.Flyagin, V.G.Usov, A.L.Gol'denberg, S.N.Vlasov


Phase conjugation of light under stimulated hypersound scattering


V.I.Bespalov and G.A.Pasmanik


Development and studies of a new class of high-power pulsed radiation sources based on inductive energy accumulation and commutation by an electrical explosion of conductors for use in national economy and research




Development of physical principles of high-efficient nonlinear frequency transformation in crystals and creation of frequency-tunable sources of coherent optical radiation




Development of fundamentals for nonlinear acoustics and its applications


V.A.Zverev, L.A.Osrovsky, and A.I.Kalachev


Inverted hot-hole distribution in semiconductors and generation of stimulated radiation in the millimeter, submillimeter and FIR ranges (hot-hole semiconductor masers and lasers)


A.A.Andronov, D.I.Belyantsev, V.I.Gavrilenko, V.A.Kozlov, Z.F.Krasil'nik, and V.N.Shastin


Fundamentals of nonlinear dynamics of high-frequency wave processes in a completely ionized plasma


V.B.Gil'denburg, A.G.Litvak,



Development and use of millimeter-wavelength radio-engineering facilities


Yu.A.Dryagin and L.I.Fedoseev


Creation of multilayer soft and ultra-soft X-ray optics


A.D.Akhsakhalyan, S.V.Gaponov, V.M.Genkin, B.M.Luskin, Yu.Ya.Platonov, N.N.Salashchenko, and E.N.Pelinovsky


Dynamics of intense noise waves and nonlinear structures in dispersionless media




Optical coherent tomography. Physical fundamentals and applications


V.A.Gelikonov, G.V.Gelikonov, L.S.Dolin, A.M.Sergeev, F.I.Feld'shtein, N.D.Gladkova, and N.M.Shakhova


Creation of methods and facilities for measuring weak hydroacoustic sources




Study of stimulated radiation of high-current relativistic and electron beams and creation of super-powerful vacuum microwave generators


V.L.Bratman, N.G.Ginzburg, G.G.Denisov, N.F.Kovalev, M.I.Petelin

State Prize of the Russian Federation for Young Scientists for Outstanding Works in the Field of Science and Engineering


Electron-ion collisions in strong electric and magnetic fields   A.A.Balakin, S.A.Koryagin
Prizes of the USSR Council of Ministers


Development, introduction and industrial production of KAMAK equipment for creating research-automation systems




Use of phase conjugation in observation systems


V.I.Bespalov, E.L.Bubis, O.V.Kulagin, G.A.Pasmanik, and A.A.Shilov

Prizes of the RF Government


For the development of the manufacturing technology for large-size monosectorial optical cells of KDP and DKDP crystals for high-power laser systems (high-rate crystal growing, optomechanical processing, studies and introduction)


V.I.Bespalov, V.I.Bredikhin, V.P.Ershov, V.I.Katsman, A.K.Potyomkin, V.V.Zil'berberg, V.V.Korolikhin, S.P.Kuznetsov, and V.P.Khrulyov

2012 Development and assimilation of the industrial issue of megawatt gyrotrons
for electron-cyclotron plasma heating in large-scale controlled-fusion facilities
A.G. Litvak, G.G. Denisov, V.E. Zapevalov, E.V. Sokolov
2012 Development and introduction of petawatt laser complexes based
on parametric amplification of light
  E.V. Katin, V.V. Lozhkarev, A.K. Potemkin, A.A. Shaikin, A.M. Sergeev, E.A. Khazanov
The "Triumph" Prize
Nominated in "Physical and Mathematical Sciences"   A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov

M.V.Lomonosov Great Golden Medal


For the notable contribution in physics of oscillatory and wave processes



A.A.Belopol'sky Prize


Cyclotron radiation in astrophysics




Dynamics of fast particles and the plasma mechanism of radio-emission generation in the solar corona


L. I. Mandel'shtam Prize of the RAS
2009 onlinear acoustic phenomena in solid structurally inhomogeneous media: anomalous nonlinearity, nonlinear waves, and diagnostics of defects   V.Yu. Zaitev, V.E. Nazarov,
L.A. Ostrovsky
2012 Wave collapses in plasma, optics, and hydrodynamics   G.M. Fraiman
2018 Series of papers on "Physical processes leading to the generation of rogue waves"   E.N.Pelinovsky, A.V.Slyunyaev
D.S. Rozhdestvensky Prize of the RAS
2010 Theory of instrumental vision of underwater objects   L.S. Dolin, A.G. Luchinin
A.A. Andronov Prize of the RAS
2012 Development of the methods of synchronization and analysis of periodic
and chaotic oscillations in collective systems of automatic phase control
  V.I. Nekorkin
Demidov Prize

1995 For the notable achievements in the field of physics



Prize of the AS of CzSSR and the AS of the USSR


Fine structure of oscillation-rotational spectra of non-rigid molecules


A.F.Krupnov and S.P.Belov

Lenin Komsomol Prize


Theoretical and experimental development of the principles of the generation of the powerful coherent electromagnetic radiation by high-current relativistic beams




Theoretical and experimental study of acoustic fields in the ocean




Experimental development of the methods of increasing the frequency of the stimulated radiation of relativistic electron currents and creation of powerful microwave millimeter-wavelength generators based on high-current pulsed periodic accelerators


A.B.Abubakirov, G.G.Denisov


Acoustic diagnostics of media by the effects of nonlinear scattering and wave self-action


D.M.Donskoy, V.E.Nazarov, and A.M.Reiman
Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences with a Bonus for Young Scientists

Theoretical and experimental study of powerful free-electron masers

  N.Yu.Peskov, A.V.Savilov, S.V.Samsonov

Development of radar methods for ocean studying and new algorithms for radiometric data processing


Powerful pulsed-periodic lasers using Nd/YAG with diffraction -limited one-frequency radiation

  O.V.Palashov, E.A.Khazanov
2002 Light amplification and generation by population inversion   E.V.Radionychev
2003 The system of monitoring powerful microwave fluxes   S.V.Kouzikov, A.A.Bogdashov

Oscillations and waves in nonlinear systems of neiro-dynamic type


Study of nonlinearly-dynamic aspects of behavior of small gas components of atmosphere


Experimental study of wave processes in magneto-active plasma

2005 xperimental and theoretical study of the nonlinear interaction of high-power femtosecond laser radiation with gases and plasmas in dielectric capillaries   D.V. Kartashov
2006 Non-equilibrium plasma in magnetic traps of mirror configuration   A.V. Vodop'yanov, D.L. Pasmanik
2006 Abnormally high sea waves: physical mechanisms and modeling   A.V. Slyunyaev
2008 lectrodynamics of the high-temperature plasma in magnetic traps   A.G. Shalashov
2009 Laboratory modeling of turbulent flows in the surface layer
of the World Ocean and in the water-surface layer of the atmosphere
  D.A. Sergeev
2011 and a dense highly non-equilibrium plasma under the electron-cyclotron
resonance conditions
  E.D. Gospodchikov, V.A. Skalyga
2012 Development of effective methods for generation and detection
of short-pulse terahertz radiation and their practical application
  S.B. Bodrov, I.E. Ilyakov,
D.A. Fadeev
2013 Development and creation of optical isolators for laser radiation of time-average kilowatt power.   D.S.Zheleznov, I.E.Mukhin,
and I.L.Snetkov
2013 Precision laboratory spectroscopy of light molecules and molecular complexes.   M.A.Koshelev and E.A.Serov

The use of two-dimensional distributed feedback for the generation of spatially coherent radiation by powerful relativistic electron beams


Zaslavsky V.Yu.


Study of the interaction between ultrahigh-intensity laser radiation and matter  

Gonoskov A. A., Korzhimanov A. V., Nerush E. N.


Complex dynamic networks: heterogeneity, lag, stochasticity   Klinshov V. V., Maslennikov O. V.

Nizhny Novgorod Prize


Creation of a problem book in electrodynamics


V.B.Gil'denburg and M.A.Miller
2006 The system of continuous training of highly qualified personnel   A.G. Litvak, A.I. Smirnov, M.D. Tokman
Soloviov medal of the European Geophysical Society
2006 For an outstanding contribution in the studies of tsunami and other natural maritime disasters   E.N. Pelinovsky
K. J. Button Medal
1996 For the outstanding contribution to Science   M.I.Petelin
2008 For an outstanding contribution in electromagnetic wave science   A.G. Litvak
W.Lamba Medal

For the outstanding contribution to nuclear physics and quantum electronics

Prize of the International Association for thermonuclear fusion
1996 For the merit in thermonuclear fusion engineering   G.G.Denisov
Golden medal of the World Exhibition of Innovations, Research, and New Technologies "Brussels — Eureka 2006"
2006 For the development of an optical tomograph   V.M. Gelikonov, G.V. Gelikonov, S.Yu. Ksenofontov
D. S. Rozhdestvensky Prize of the RAS


Theory of instrumental vision of underwater objects  

L. S. Dolin, A. G. Luchinin

J. Pierce International conference on vacuum electronics
2011 For an outstanding contribution in vacuum electronics   M.I. Petelin
Prize of the European Physics Society "EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize 2011"
2011 For the creation of high-power gyrotrons for electron-cyclotron heating of plasma in thermonuclear facilities   A.G. Litvak

Prize of the President of the Russian Federation for Young Scientists in the Field of Science and Innovation


Development of physico-mathematical models of marine natural disasters in the coastal zone   I. I. Didenkulova
Gruber Prize in Cosmology


For the first detection of gravitational waves

  O. V. Palashov, A. M. Sergeev, E. A. Khazanov (jointly with LIGO Scientific Collaboration)

Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics


For the observation of gravitational waves which opens up new horizons in the field of astronomy and physics


O. V. Palashov, A. M. Sergeev, E. A. Khazanov (jointly with LIGO Scientific Collaboration)