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Scientific and production enterprise (SPE) closed joint-stock company "GYCOM" was established in 1992 on the basis of the IAP RAS and a number of Russian enterprises of the electronic industry. At present, "GYCOM" has modern high-tech production, which entirely satisfies its own needs in mechanical processing and technologies of vacuum electronics. The main trend of the SPE "GYCOM" activity is to develop and fabricate different devices of high-power microwave electronics and auxiliary equipment necessary for their operation. The best-known production of GYCOM are gyrotrons, which are short-wave microwave oscillators (operating wavelength from 1 cm to 1 mm) with an output power of several kilowatts to one megawatt in long-duration pulses, operated in up to CW mode, as well as superconducting cryomagnet systems and microwave transmission lines. The gyrotrons produced by GYCOM operate in many Russian laboratories and in large-scale thermonuclear facilities at the research centers of the USA, Germany, Japan, China, Italy, Switzerland, and other countries. The IAP RAS— GYCOM consortium is one of the producers of gyrotrons for the international thermonuclear experimental reactor ITER.