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Scientific and engineering company "Meduza" Ltd. was founded in 1992 to put into practice the developments of the IAP RAS department "Radiophysical methods in biology and medicine". At its first steps, the company produced a great number of medical devices for ultrasound diagnostics, which were installed in many clinics of Russia and the NIS countries. Tools of nondestructive rail testing have become its main production since 2000. "Meduza" is the main supplier of ultrasound rail flaw defectors for the Open joint-stock company "Russian Railways". In 2005, the "Meduza" developments were awarded the Grand Prix at the World Competition of Built-in Technologies of the PC 104 Standard. Since 2002, the company has been engaged in a new trend — the development of portable ultrasound devices of individual use for cosmetic purposes. There have been preliminary deliveries to the USA, Germany, South Korea, Ireland, and Japan.