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Scientific and engineering center (SEC) "Monitoring" was organized under the umbrella of the Vibroacoustic measurements laboratory of the IAP RAS in 1992. The center develops and fabricates nonstandard equipment for measuring vibroacoustic parameters (finding the so-called import-substituting solutions) and tools for technological monitoring, which can be ordered as a set of primary measuring instruments operated unattended (as a "black box") or in the regime of on-line monitoring and analysis. Activities of the SEC "Monitoring" include the development of multichannel spectrum analyzers, devices of dynamic balancing, sets of noise- and vibration-measuring apparatus, new types of sensors of vibration and shift, multiprocessor systems of data input and accumulation, and precision amplifiers with parameters no worse than those of the world leaders in the given field. Production of the SEC "Monitoring" is supplied to many Russian and foreign organizations.