Koshelev Maksim
Senior Research Assistant, Ph.D


  • 2001 - Bachelor's Degree in radio physics, Nizhniy Novgorod State University
  • 2003 - Master's Degree in radio physics, Nizhniy Novgorod State University
  • 2003-2006 - Post-graduate study in Institute of Applied Physics RAS (IAP RAS), Nizhniy Novgorod , Russia
  • Supervisor: Dr. Mikhail Tretyakov head of dep. 380 IAP RAS (Russia). Thesis was defended on 07.04.2007.
    Theme: "Precise measurements of molecular line parameters and parameterization of mm/submm continuum absorption for atmospheric applications"

Scope of professional interests:
Molecular gas spectroscopy; precision measurements of collisional parameters of molecular lines in MM, SubMM and IR wave regions; development of spectroscopic techniques and methods.

Professional carrier:
2001 - 2003 - Senior Research Assistant at IAP RAS
2003 - 2007 - Junior Research Fellow at IAP RAS
2007 - 2010 - Research Fellow at IAP RAS
2010 - present time - Senior Research Fellow at IAP RAS
2008 - present time - Leading Engineer at IHPS RAS

Scientific visits:
April – October 2004
Visitor researcher in University of New Brunswick, Saint John, NB, Canada
February 2006
Lecturing in 41st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Qingdao, China
June – July 2009
Joint research visit to The University of Nottingham, Great Britain
April-May 2011,   February-June 2012
Joint research visit to École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
June 2012
Invited professor in Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie de l’Atmosphère, Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, Dunkerque, France

2004, 2005 - G.A. Razuvaev scholarship
2010 - Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Nizhny Novgorod region
2012 - Diploma of the IAP RAS
2013 - 1-st diploma in competition of young scientists of IAP RAS

Teaching activities:
Supervision of theses and specialized labs for students of Radiophysical Faculty of Nizhny Novgorod State University

Main publications

  • M.Yu. Tretyakov, V.V. Parshin, V.N. Shanin, S.E. Myasnikova, M.A. Koshelev, A.F. Krupnov. Real Atmosphere Laboratory Measurement of the 118-GHz Oxygen Line: Shape, Shift, and Broadening of the Line. J. Molec. Spectrosc., 208(1) (2001) 110-112.
  • M.Yu. Tretyakov, V.V. Parshin, M.A. Koshelev, V.N. Shanin, S.E. Myasnikova, A.F. Krupnov, Laboratory Studies of 183 GHz Water Line: Broadening and Shifting by Air, N2 and O2 and Integral Intensity Measurements, J. Molec. Spectrosc., 218(2) (2003) 239-245.
  • G. Yu. Golubiatnikov, M.A. Koshelev and A.F. Krupnov, Reinvestigation of Pressure Broadening Parameters at 60-GHz Band and Single 118.75 GHz Oxygen at Room Temperature, J. Molec. Spectrosc. 222(2) (2003) 191-197.
  • A.A. Shvetsov, M.Yu. Tretyakov, M.A. Koshelev, A.F. Krupnov, V.V. Parshin, Resonator Spectroscopy as a new method of investigation of unconventional millimeter-wave atmospheric absorbers, In book: C. Camy-Peyret and A.Vigasin (eds), "Weakly Interacting Molecular Pairs: Unconventional Absorbers of Radiation in the Atmosphere", NATO Science Series, Vol IV/27 (2003) 239-246. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands.
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  • M.Yu. Tretyakov, M.A. Koshelev, V.V. Dorovskikh, D.S. Makarov, and  P.W. Rosenkranz, 60-GHz oxygen band: precise broadening and central frequencies of fine structure lines, absolute absorption profile at atmospheric pressure, revision of mixing coefficients, J. Molec. Spectrosc. 231(1) (2005) 1-14.
  • M.A. Koshelev, M. Yu. Tretyakov, R.M. Lees, and Li-Hong Xu, Tunable diode laser Measurements of N2- and O2-Pressure Broadening and Pressure-Induced Shifts for OCS Transitions in the n3 Band, J. Molec. Struct. 780-781 (2006) 7-16.
  • M.Yu. Tretyakov, M.A. Koshelev, M.V. Tonkov, Low rotational transitions of CF3H molecule: pressure shift and broadening, Optikaispectroskopiya 100(5) (2006) 759-766 (in russian).)
  • M.Yu. Tretyakov, V.V. Parshin, M.A. Koshelev, A.P. Shkaev, A.F. Krupnov, Extension of the Range of Resonator Scanning Spectrometer into Submillimeter Band and Some Perspectives of Its Further Developments, J. Molec. Spectrosc. 238 (2006) 91-97.
  • M.A. Koshelev, M.Yu. Tretyakov, R.M. Lees, L.-H. Xu, ECTDL study of N2- and O2- pressure broadening of a series of ammonia lines in the 1.5 mkm (v1+v3) combination band, Appl. Phys. B 85(2-3) (2006) 273-277.
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