Kuzikov Sergey Vladimirovich
senior researcher

1968, Gorky

Graduated physic-technical department of Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnical University in 1991 on a profession engineer-electrophysicist,
Ph.D. thesis in 1998 “A conversion of spatial-temporary structures of the high-power microwave radiation by periodic structures” in Radiophysics and Physical Electronics, managed by M. Petelin and N. Kovalev.

Scope of professional interests:

Microwave systems of electron-positron supercolliders, high-power pulse compressors, transmission lines for fusion devices, high-power microwave sources.

Professional Employment:

Has entered in IAP in 1991, the trainee-investigator, junior scientific researcher, scientific researcher, senior scientific researcher.
Worked in central team of ITER in.Garching, in tokamak Tore Supra (Cadarache) by invitation from CEA (France), in ENEA ( Frascati , Italy ). Participated in international project CLIC by invitation from CERN ( Switzerland ). In frames of collaboration on active pulse compressors between IAP, Gycom, Omega-P, and Yale University (USA) worked in NRL ( Wasnington DC ).

Awards, prizes, grants:

In 2002 was awarded by Medal of RAS for young scientists for works “Quasi-optical systems for control by high-power coherent microwave flows”.
Participant of International grants INTAS, ISTC, the Principal investigator of grants of RFBR.


about 70