Mikhail Yu. Ryabikin
Leading research scientist

Married, 2 children (daughter and son)

1981: graduated from Lobachevsky State University of Gorky (Faculty: Physics)
1999: Ph.D. thesis “Methods for treatment of vibration-rotational states of diatomic molecules taking into account the asymptotical properties of the nuclear interaction potential” (speciality: 01.04.03 – Radiophysics; supervisor: A.V. Burenin)

Scope of professional interests:
Intense-field laser-matter interactions, attosecond physics, spectroscopy

Professional carrier:
1981 – present: IAP RAS (student researcher, engineer, junior researcher, research scientist, senior research scientist, scientific secretary of the department, leading research scientist)

Membership in professional organizations:
Member of the Scientific Council of the Nonlinear Dynamics and Optics Division of IAP RAS
Member of the Optical Society of America

Project manager of the RFBR grants (2001-2003, 2005-2007, 2010-present)

Educational activity:
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, lectures within the courses "Introduction to the profession" (Radiophysics Faculty), "Laser-matter interactions" (Advanced School of General and Applied Physics)

Most significant papers:

Emelin M.Yu. and Ryabikin M.Yu. Atomic photoionization and dynamical stabilization with subrelativistically intense high-frequency light: magnetic field effects revisited // Phys. Rev. A. 2014. V.89, N1. Art. no. 013418.

Alexandrov L.N., Emelin M.Yu., and Ryabikin M.Yu. Unidirectional current excitation in tunneling ionization of asymmetric molecules // Phys. Rev. A. 2013. V.87, N1. Art. no. 013444.

Strelkov V.V., Khokhlova M.A., Gonoskov A.A., Gonoskov I.A., and Ryabikin M.Yu. High-order harmonic generation by atoms in an elliptically polarized laser field: Harmonic polarization properties and laser threshold ellipticity // Phys. Rev. A. 2012. V.86, N1. Art. no. 013404.

Strelkov V.V., Gonoskov A.A., Gonoskov I.A., and Ryabikin M.Yu. Origin for ellipticity of high-order harmonics generated in atomic gases and the sublaser-cycle evolution of harmonic polarization // Phys. Rev. Lett. 2011. V.107, N4. Art. no. 043902.

Silaev A.A., Ryabikin M.Yu., and Vvedenskii N.V. Strong-field phenomena caused by ultrashort laser pulses: effective 1D and 2D quantum-mechanical descriptions // Phys. Rev. A. 2010. V.82, N3. Art. no. 033416.

Emelin M.Yu., Ryabikin M.Yu., and Sergeev A.M. Frequency tunable single attosecond pulse production from aligned diatomic molecules ionized by intense laser field // Optics Express. 2010. V.18, N3. P.2269-2278.

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Gonoskov A.A., Gonoskov I.A., Ryabikin M.Yu., and Sergeev A.M. Diffraction imaging of a diatomic molecule using recolliding electrons: role of Coulomb potential and nuclear motion // Phys. Rev. A. 2008. V.77, N3. Art. no. 033424.

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