Pilot production

Chief of production
GORB Anatolii Pavlovich
phone: 7(831) 436-39-13

600 Administrative staff
610 Design and processing department
611 Design and processing group
613 Central tool room
620 Production shop
621 Planning and production group
622 Machining and production equipment repair group
623 Blank production shop
624 Machining shop
625 Mechanical-assembly shop
626 Fine mechanics and cryogenic-vacuum engineering shop
627 Sensing devices assembly shop
628 Treatment plant
629 Electroplating shop


Pilot production of the IAP RAS carries out a wide spectrum of activities based on draughts and working drawings of customers:

  • Production of vacuum and cryogenic equipment, calibrators, waveguide units and elements
  • Equipment and devices for medicine
  • Metal furniture, bays, chests , metalworks
  • Non-standard stainless-steel, brass, copper, and titanium equipment
  • Mechanic and assembly works on production of non-standard equipment and ferrous metal products
  • Mechanic and assembly works on production of stainless-steel, brass, copper and titanium products
  • Turning, milling , boring , and grinding works ( piece production and small production runs )
  • Machining of polysurfaces of elements in NC devices (turning, milling, and machining center
  • Welding works ( welding of ferrous metals, stainless-steel, aluminum and titanium )
  • Mechanical polishing of brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Preparation works :

- cutting of sheet metal from 1 to 10 mm thick with compressing scissors of length up to 2 m
– plasma cutting of sheet metal up to 40 mm thick
– cutting of circular metal blanks of diameter up to 300 mm

  • Electroplating on metal ( galvanizing , chemical oxidation – ferrous metals , anode oxidation – non-ferrous metals )
  • Engraving of inscriptions on planes (technical lettering)