Scientific and education complex (SEC) of IAP RAS

Director of the SEC – Smirnov Alexander Ilyich
D. Sc. in phys. & math.
phone: 7(831) 416-06-56
Deputy director of the SEC – Feigina Tatiana Alekseevna
phone: 7(831) 416-06-57, fax: 7(831) 416-06-53
Head of the SEC natural-scientific cycle of school stage - Reyman Alexander Mikhailovich
senior scientist, Ph.D. in phys. & math.
Head of the SEC human science cycle of school stage – Gashpar Irina Leonidovna
By the resolution of the Presidium of the RAS No. 268 of November 21, 2000, a scientific and educational center (SEC) was created as an integrated structure of the IAP RAS in Nizhny Novgorod. The main goals of the Center are training of highly qualified specialists and ensuring a high level of scientific research in various fields of fundamental and applied physics. The SEC coordinates and develops the educational system of the Nizhny Novgorod region, searches for talented young people, and promotes their continuous “through” training that starts with high-school students and finishes with the post-graduate courses of the IAP RAS. More than 100 leading scientists of the IAP RAS teach students and schoolchildren. The economic basis of the SEC are the basic funding from the federal budget through the RAS and the target funding of research and educational programs, competitive projects, and development initiatives. A new building of the IAP RAS, which houses all educational structures of the SEC, was put into service in 2003.

In order to promote scientific knowledge among the students and develop their interest in the scientific activity of IAP RAS, the REC actively participates in competitions. The first open competition of the combined Teaching and Research Center of the NNSU and academic institutions, entitled "Future researchers" in mathematics and physics for students of the Nizhny Novgorod region was held in 2003. It is planned that this competition, which has the regional status, will become a tradition.