FRPE specialty at RF NNSU

Bakunov Mikhail Ivanovich, Prof., Head of the Chair of General Physics of the UNN

Zen'kovich Dmitrii Alekseevich, senior research fellow, Division. 230

In 2000 a new speciality «Fundamental Radio-Physics and Physical Electronics» (FRPE) appeared at the faculty, aimed at training physicists-investigators for the institutes of RAS (the tutors of the new speciality are Vice-Director of IAP Associate Member of RAS À . Ì .Sergeev and Professor of the Radio-Physical Faculty (RPF) of the UNN Ì .I.Bakunov). The appearance of this speciality at RPF coincided successfully with the formation of the SEC, offering for the latter one more possibility to draw greater amount of talented youth to academic institutes.

The number of candidates admitted to this speciality is 25 persons. To achieve of more «individual» training of scientific personnel, at the faculty alongside with teachers on the staff work also pluralists - the leading scientists of academic institutes (including Associate-Members of RAS À .A.Andronov and A.M.Sergeev). The base training is ensured by the teachers of the faculty, and specialized education is ensured by investigators who intensively work in science using modern scientific equipment. First-year students of the FRPE group are delivered the course «Introduction to the Speciality», which gives the notion of scientific trends developed in IAP RAS and IPM RAS. The programs of the second and third courses include an original discipline – the education-scientific experiment; the lessons are conducted directly at the experimental set-ups of IAP RAS and IPM RAS. As a result, at the fourth course the students orientate themselves rather well in the theme of institutes and are able to choose the scientific specialization and, consequently, corresponding specialized courses.
IAP pays the additional scholarship to the students of the FRPE speciality according to their progress. Approximately 25 % of these students are excellent students, four students are awarded nominal scholarships: the Minin Scholarship and that of the Academic Council of the UNN. In spite of the fact that the new speciality is “young”, the students of the FRPE group made 9 reports at All-Russian and international scientific conferences, 2 papers with their co-authorship were published in scientific journals.