Specialized physical classes of Lyceum No. 40

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Director of Lyceum - Umnova N.S

Lyceum N 40 (Director – the honored teacher of Russian Federation N.S.Umnova) is the successor of a secondary school N 40 with deep studying of physics and mathematics founded on September 1, 1961. In the course of more than forty-year history the lyceum has become far-famed. During the last decade (1993-2003) the lyceum has been recognized as the “best school” of Nizhnii Novgorod and Russia; it has become the winner of Prises of Nizhnii Novgorod for the outstanding achievements in the field of educating and up-bringing of pupils; it has been awarded the grant of G.Soros Fund, the standard of the Governer of the Nizhegorod region, the grant of the President of RF for the work with gifted children. Pupils of the Lyceum have won 9 golden, 3 silver, 4 bronze medals at international olympiads in physics, chemistry, mathematics, informatics; for their achievements they have been awarded the scholarships of the President of RF. Lyceum N 40 is among 100 best schools of Russia.
The lyceum has an individual educational plan, author programs are realized in physics and mathematics (most of the lyceum teachers are specialists of the highest and first qualification categories, 11 teachers are Soros teachers). Pupils may choose subjects (10th–11th forms) and special courses(7th-11th forms) to their liking, most of the teachers are scientists of higher educational institutions.
The basic line of the development of the Lyceum is determined by the Lyceum Council and the public organization «Support of Education and the Creative Work», where representatives of IAP are regular members. IAP RAS takes part in organizing the trips of the pupils to olympiads held in Russia, conferences and meetings; the best pupils and the olympiad winners get 25–30 scholarships a year.
Since 2001 the joint project of SEC and Lyceum N 40 consisting in organizing specialized (“physical”) classes with competitive admission and small amount of pupils (not more than 20 children) has been realized. The project enables to achieve high level of knowledge both in natural sciences and in humanitarian subjects; the project has become the winner of the regional fair of social and cultural projects «Saratov-2001». At present there are three classes of SEC in the lyceum with total number of about 60 pupils. The pupils spend the greatest part of the education time in SEC, where educational and computer classes are at their disposal. Here they enjoy the atmosphere of the academic scientific center, they may consult leading scientists of the institute. Studying in «physical»classes is performed (using special programs of SEC) by the most qualified teachers of Nizhnii Novgorod (32 teachers perform education; there are one Doctor of Science, 12 Candidates of Science, 19 teachers of the highest category among them).
The library-information center, the computer center, the lecture hall, the room for relaxation and the complex for sport and recreation ensure the most favorable conditions of education in the lyceum.